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Why We Use a Job Recruitment Agency

When I was younger and had a job as a retail manager, it was very easy to hire workers. Most of them were teens or young adults who just wanted to make some spending money or a young person needing to supplement their income. Like I said, it was easy because there were ten people wanting every job that came open. Now that I am the VP of a large firm, it has gotten a bit more difficult to find the right workers. I don’t even try on my own anymore now that we use an LA marketing recruiter to find the best applicants for executive positions that come open.

One doesn’t come open that often because once someone joins the company, they tend to stick around because it really is a great place to work. People do retire though or move away because of a spouse’s job situation, so now and again we do need to contact a job recruiter to help us fill the position. I learned that it is much better to let someone else vet the applicants, especially someone who has prior knowledge of a lot of the applicants.

We are known for a great work atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean we hire just anyone. We hire the best, and that is sometimes hard to find on our own because of our reputation. We don’t people who are wowed by what we offer. We are the ones who want to be wowed by what they can offer us. Every time we have used this job recruiter to fill an executive position, we have definitely been wowed. That is why I will never try to do something that they can obviously do much better, because they have sent quality people our way every single time. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!

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