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Getting Rid of Bugs in Our West Island Home

We had bugs. The key that statement is the word “had.” I like a clean home. I like to see the stuff we do have put away in a proper place. My wife and I clean up after ourselves and each other. One thing we like is our home being clean and free of bugs and rodents. We did not have the rodents like we had in the apartment building in the city, but we certainly had the bugs. I did not even know how they were getting in. We had stinging, bitting and swarming bugs in Laval. That was before we called the exterminator. I tried to deal with the problem myself, but seeing a bunch of ants crawling around on our kitchen countertop going after a banana was enough for me.

I wanted the spiders and ants gone from the house. I wanted the exterminator to look into the attic space to tell me how the wasps were getting in too. There were only a few of them per year, but there was enough dead ones I would find on the floor up there to raise a concern. I did not want us or our dogs getting stung. The big brown spiders in the basement were also not something you wanted to see. I found one in the toilet one day trying to crawl out. All I could imagine was the spider reaching the seat and then crawling out and over it while I was using the toilet. That would not have been good.

The house just needed treated for bugs and then thoroughly checked in order to seal it up against the intruders. They can stay outside where they belong. I do not want bugs inside our house at West island. I turned it over to the professionals in order to have more peace of mind about the chemicals and their application. I certainly do not want it to be a hazard for us or our dogs.

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