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My Mom Taught Me What I Needed to Do As an Adult Female in This World

Living in Singapore is something that I have always wanted to do. I grew up reading about the area all of my life, and I was fascinated with everything about it. I worked hard to make that a reality. No one thought I was an oddity as a single woman working hard to become an executive at a large company there. I bought my first house there, and felt nothing but pride on the day that the Singapore house movers moved all my furniture into my new place. What I had worked so hard for was finally coming to fruition.

My mom never got the chance to go to school when she was young. She came from a family back then that felt that a woman’s place is in the home. She ended up marrying a man who did not treat her very well. That man was my father. I can remember waking up at night listening to him say unkind things to her. No matter how he treated her, she always treated him with great respect and care. When he decided to dump my mother and I, we were both happy about that. It was then that she told me that she hoped that I would shun the traditional way of thinking and work hard to make it so that I never needed to depend on a man like she did. I knew that she was very right.

When I landed my first big job, my mom was so happy for me. After I began earning money, I began sending checks to my mom to help pay for her rent, food and other little things she might need. She was still on her own, and I know that it really made her happy and proud. She now has moved to live near my new place. We will always we close, and while each of us may marry one day we know that we will never need to depend on anyone else.