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Some Work Days Are Not the Same Every Day

I thought my Friday at work would be just like any day, but I was wrong because it was a good day for some biohazard cleanup at our office. A sewer line had burst that morning before I walked in the front door. I got on the phone and let a company know that their services were needed right away. They showed up within 30 minutes, which is a good thing because I needed to get back on track with grabbing my laptop and working the rest of the day. Luckily, they were able to hand me my unscathed laptop as soon as they showed up. I worked outside on it while they did there thing. The show most always go on!

Most people would be distracted when there is some sort of excitement at work. But I have been blessed with the ability to focus even if the world is coming apart at the seams all around me. I was even able to do this as a kid. My siblings would become incredibly distracted if there was anything distracting going on. My poor mom would try to corral them all and get them back on track. In the meantime, while they were running around in dramatic ways, I could almost always be found sitting quietly and focusing intently on whatever I was interested in. This helped me all throughout school as well.

I worked outside for about 8 hours while the biohazard team did their magic inside. I was not allowed to go inside at any point. Much of the floor in the office had been contaminated with bacteria The workers wore suits that covered them from head to foot so that they stayed clean while they worked. I am sure it’s a tough job, and I appreciate that they got us back up and running by late afternoon.