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Former Homeowner’s Family Clear out the House Including the Dishwasher and Furnace

We bought a house that was being foreclosed on. The previous owner’s relatives had defaulted on a loan that was going to result in a lien on the house, and they also stopped paying the taxes on it. The owner had been ill and living with her sister, and the grandchildren were supposed to help with things at her house such as mowing the grass and other things. Well, they didn’t. Instead, they cleared everything out of the house including the dishwasher and new furnace that was installed last year. We called a company that does HVAC in NYC to come out and give us an estimate for a new furnace and to add central air. We were happy they did not tear up the walls to take the wiring or the copper pipes. We have seen that done before.

The house was in great shape and fully intact except for the missing furnace and dishwasher. It was even clean as a whistle. Usually homes that have people do this are a mess inside. I guess they are clean freaks who just are not bothered about some of their actions. The furnace was put in as part of an upgrade agreement with an energy program for seniors on fixed incomes. The grandkids should have never taken it out. I guess they might have been mad that it and some other work were the reason for the lien on the house when the grandmother could no longer live there. Families that get this stuff done must agree to stay in the house for 10 years, otherwise the grant turns into a loan that becomes due.

Maybe they sold the furnace and dishwasher to help their grandmother out. I do not know. That does not make it right though. Anyway, we got a great price on a new HVAC system. The house was easy to lease because it did not need much of anything else. The inside was kept nice and was fairly new. Nice hardwood floors and a newer bathroom. We did good on this deal.