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A New Place to Live for Us

My girlfriend Jinju and I have been together for three years. She is the perfect woman for me. We live on the housing dorms at my campus. There are a lot of problems with the living conditions. We have strict rules that we have to follow. We are not allowed have guests at certain hours of the night. We have room inspections which are uncomfortable. Worst of all, we have to deal with the resident assistants. Sometimes, they are mean and rude to residents. We are considering trying Park at Boulder Creek in Columbia SC. We desperately need a new place to live.

Due to the squalid state of our current living conditions, both Jinju and I decided to get an apartment of campus. School is about to be out of summer session. Our goal is to have an apartment before the start of fall semester. We will have to spend all summer looking for the perfect place. There are some things we must take into consideration before we can settle down on a final choice.

One aspect that is ideal for our future apartment is that we need an apartment that is not expensive. Jinju and I are college students with a limited budget. Our parents offered to pay only a small portion for the apartment. We decline because we wanted to make it on our own. We want an apartment that is within our own price range.

Our pets are also a factor in our decision. I have two cats and Jinju has a dog. We need a place that allows tenants to have pets. We cannot and will not abandon our pets for leisure. There are family members to us.

I prefer an apartment with multiple bathrooms. At the dorms, we have public shower. I think is is gross. I prefer to have my own private shower and toilet. I just feel more comfortable with my own restroom.